Missouri Death Midwife Services

A consultancy bridging the gap between the medical profession and the funeral industry
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Bringing the expertise of a death midwife service to Missouri

Dignified Passages, LLC., provides uniquely specialized death care which is the practice of providing emotional, practical and,when needed,spiritual support for those facing end of life decisions (and their families.) We walk the journey with you through a wide range of services to facilitate your (or your loved ones) final transition.

If you’re interested in learning how the services of a death midwife can help you or a loved one face death with peace and confidence, then I can’t wait to meet you! My name is Kimberly Perry and I am the person behind Dignified Passages, LLC. 

I am passionate about providing you with specialized death care and helping you as you and your loved ones walk the final journey. I provide care that is so far removed from the typical medicalized experience that too many Americans suffer through, that some consider the process to be a spiritual experience of it’s own.

 Welcome to my website and do not hesitate to ask whatever is on your mind.


The service options of Dignified Passages, LLC., includes practical, emotional and spiritual support for those facing end of life decisions and their families. When you contract me for your needs you’ll have full benefit of my life experiences with end of life transitions and the training I’ve completed that led to my certificate as death midwife. This is the foundation upon which I can help you navigate the journey and ensure your wishes are carried out.

You see, I believe that like birth, death was not meant to be faced alone. In a time before medical intervention became the norm, a death midwife would walk the journey towards death with you. I can stand in the gap between medical services and the funeral industry for you  and your loved ones. My services are geared towards helping you navigate the overwhelm and confusion that typically accompanies this stage of life. 

My hope is that even if you don’t choose Dignified Passages LLC., to fill that role for you; to help facilitate your (or your loved ones) final transition, that you’ll still walk away feeling better able to face the inevitable and know that death is just another doorway – a transition in life that we will all experience over and over in different roles until our own passing. 

Please look around, and when you’re ready – please book an appointment to discuss your needs.

Document Preparation

Assisting you in preparing documentation to ensure your needs and wishes are fully addressed through advanced directives and other legal documents related to end of life care.

Funeral Home Funeral Planning

Our funeral planning service can provide you with advice and strategies as you navigate relationships with the traditional funeral industry. We’ll provide guidance regarding your rights and options so you’re fully informed.

Memorial and Funeral Planning

I can help you plan your memorial or funeral service wherever you choose to have the service, including providing officiant services. I can help you create a peaceful, beautiful memorial honoring you or your loved one.

Vigil Keeping Services

I can hold space to honor the dignity of the dying process by creating and holding “sacred space”- a place of peace and rest during a very stressful time.