Guidance and Planning for End of Life Transitions
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Document Preparation

Knowing what paperwork you need to have for your circumstances can be overwhelming especially in a time already filled with uncertainty and stress. While I can’t provide legal advice or guidance, I can take the burden of filling out some of the paperwork and organizing the files for you. By hiring me for advice and guidance, you can be assured that this part of the process is as stress free as possible, so you can focus on the things that matter to you. 

Funeral Planning (with a Funeral Home)

You may desire to have some services provided by a traditional funeral home, but require some help in negotiating to get what you want and desire for the process. This is where I can be hired to step in with advice and guidance to make sure you know your rights as you communicate with the funeral director of your facility of choice. Natural burials and other alternative death rituals can be accomplished through funeral homes with the right approach and information. 

Memorial and Funeral Planning

You can bypass the traditional funeral home approach completely with the memorial and planning services that I can provide. This can include as much or as little of the planning process as you wish to delegate, up to and including officiant duties and speaking for the family. 

Vigil Keeping Services

This group of services allows for sporadic or constant companionship through the final days. It may allow family and loved ones a chance to get needed sleep or simply to get away for a few hours or more. In circumstance where loved ones can’t be present, this service can lessen the loneliness by providing comfort through being present. Vigils may be arranged to extend beyond life. All choices are dependent upon the desires of the dying client and highly individualized.